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Denda Tidak Lebih RM1,000 Jika Haiwan Peliharaan Berak, Kencing Di Rumah Jiran

Nor Shafeqah 31 mins ago

Top 3 Game ‘Horror’ 2021 Yang Perlu Korang Dapatkan

M. Azam 4 hours ago

5 Negara Di Dunia Yang Sukakan Kucing

Fiq Mukri 6 hours ago

Kucing Ini ‘Survive’ Harungi Perjalanan Lebih 2,000km Selepas Terkurung Dalam Kontena Selama 3 Minggu

Irfan H 23 hours ago

Mahalnya ! 7 Jenis Baka Kucing Termahal Di Dunia

Nor Shafeqah 1 day ago

#ArtistOfMalaysia Trending Di Twitter Tampilkan Bakat-Bakat Pelukis Muda

M. Azam 1 day ago

Melaka Tawar Diskaun 50% Produk Pelancongan Negeri Jika PKPB Ganti PKP Selepas 4 Februari

Irfan H 1 day ago

Komik Lawak Kampus Akhirnya Mendapat Siri Animasi Mereka Yang Tersendiri

M. Azam 1 day ago

About Us

Hello Readers, We are Verst.

With the power and expertise of niche media brands – combined, we have 5 years of experience – VERST is the new evolution to Malaysia’s trusted lifestyle brands: Backpackerz, Haimeow, Adamedia , Bae&Beauty & E-Com.

Featuring versatile content on lifestyle, travel, food, women, beauty and fashion, VERST aims to be the trusted online destination for contemporary and digitally savvy audience VERST offers 24/ 7 empowering stories and stunning visuals with a new injection of quality content that is both aspirational and accessible.

Key Stats:
Facebook Monthly Reach: 10.5 million+
Facebook Monthly Video Views: 500k+
Facebook Followers: 800k+
Monthly Website Traffic: 150k+

*Last updated on 01/11/2019

Follow our gastronomy journey today! We promise we will deliver some top food articles for you in the future!

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