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Threebs Offers Online Convenience With Offline Experience


Beauty floors at department stores were once a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve been to London’s Selfridges or New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue, you’d understand the euphoria associated with these fabulous establishments.

As far as your eyes can see, you walk in, and counters are selling a host of skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, and other beauty-related items. Customers would counter-hop, try lipsticks and spray a few scents.

They would talk to beauty advisers, ask questions before buying anything, or try a fragrance and return later to make sure the scent settles well on the skin.

Threebs (threebs. co), a new local beauty website, may not be all these yet, but it sure is heading that direction, online at least.

With its clever product choices and consultation and a one-on-one chat with its staff, the brand wants to bridge online convenience with the offline experience.

Co-founder and managing director Eyo Zhen Yi says Threebs sees many challenges and has identified an increasing consumer demand separate from what is offered in the market.

Despite some brands’ official stores on Lazada and Shopee, these two remain popular marketplaces for many categories.

“Most items listed on their websites are sold by different merchants and they do not specialize in health and beauty products,” he says.

“Health and beauty consumers want to receive their skincare products set in one parcel, not indifferent parcels at different weeks. Some of these products will only work well when used together,” he says.


Eyo says consumers are also looking for a neutral voice across all different brands.

“They want to solve their skin concerns and this requires more attention from our customer service team to understand each customer’s concerns and issues,”

There’s also a lack of trust — many consumers are concerned with health and beauty products in marketplaces due to counterfeits and uncontrolled product quality, like products nearing expiry dates.

“So in everything we do, we put our customers’ needs at the forefront. We want to bring the upside of e-commerce without losing the convenience of offline shopping.”

Threebs has one-on-one consultation through instant messaging so customers get correct information about products and usage.

“For complicated skin concerns, we partner with dermatologist Dr. Lim Ing Kien, also known as Dr. Ingky, from Mediiskin to tackle these issues,” he says.

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There are many areas where customers are misinformed, one being product size.

Most skincare products come in various sizes, but most online customers rely on a single product image which does not help them visualize what they are getting, even when the volume is stated.

“Also, price does not determine a product’s effectiveness on the skin; what matters is the active ingredient you are using for your condition.

“Dermatologists can provide you with more complex skincare solutions after understanding your skin, otherwise, less is always more. So buying to-the-point products is usually better for normal skin,” he says.

“A basic skincare routine is very important and consistency is key. However, when you treat certain conditions, it is important to cycle-specific products and not apply it every day for an entire year.”


The brand started with a large base of young female customers looking to tackle skin concerns.

“They are digital-savvy, rely on their own research, and are well-informed about skincare products. But they still seek professional advice to cross-check,”

There’s also a growing number of male customers starting to realize the importance of skincare and its ingredients.

“We believe skincare is not just predominantly women’s market. In fact, the No. 1 health and beauty influencer in China is a male named Austin Li.”

At the core of its business, Threebs wants to give customers useful information, whether it’s about product selection, ease of purchase, quick deliveries, or subscription services.

“For the website, the expansion would come in the form of selling more products (including daily essentials) and more experiential features (like product filtering and avatar-based recommendations).

“Categories, where consumers require more information and service, would be our strongest suit. We have started offering baby care products. In the next quarter, we will build a team that specializes in mother and baby care. Other than that, pet care would be a very interesting exploration,” he says.

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